Crack Filling &
Infrared Repair

Cracks of all shapes and sizes are common in pavement, and without timely intervention, they can lead to significant issues such as potholes and sub-base failure. Sealing these cracks is a crucial maintenance step that not only prevents further deterioration but also extends the life of the pavement by three to five years. This cost-effective treatment allows for immediate traffic use when a de-tacking agent is applied, highlighting its importance for maintaining road safety and reducing maintenance costs.

Crack Sealing Timing and Application

  • Ideal before pavement shows severe distress.
  • Suitable for cracks wider than ⅛ inch.
  • Not recommended for alligator cracking or cracks over 1½ inches.
  • Perform in spring or fall for optimal temperature conditions.

Surface Preparation

  • Assess crack density for routing necessity; beneficial for better sealant adherence.
  • Ensure cracks are clean and dry for maximum adhesion.
  • Use compressed air and possibly a hot air lance for cleaning and drying.

Sealant Selection and Application

  • Choose based on pavement condition, climate, and expected pavement movement.
  • Follow manufacturer recommendations for heating and applying the sealant.
  • Consider the sealant's flexibility or rigidity based on climate and pavement usage.

Best Practices for Crack Seal Placement

  • Select the appropriate placement method (flush fill, overband, reservoir) based on the specific crack and pavement condition.
  • Ensure complete crack filling for a thorough seal.
  • Allow proper cure time before opening to traffic, potentially using sand or a de-tacking agent for immediate use.

Infrared Asphalt Repair

Infrared asphalt repair offers a smooth solution for mending surfaces by softening the existing asphalt with heat, allowing for easy integration of new or recycled asphalt into the softened mix. This method results in:

  • Smooth overlays that blend new with existing asphalt seamlessly
  • Precise elevation modifications near grates and utility access points
  • Effective leveling of surfaces to correct dips and uneven areas
  • Secure attachment of speed bumps to the current asphalt surfaces

Our approach to crack sealing and infrared asphalt repair emphasizes the importance of preventative maintenance to enhance pavement longevity, safety, and appearance, avoiding the higher costs and safety issues associated with delayed intervention.

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